Python Mastery: learn and master the dynamics

This course introduces Python programming, covering core concepts like data structures, conditional statements, loops, variables, and functions, along with practical tools for coding. It emphasizes hands-on exercises involving data structures and file operations, enabling students to develop a strong foundation. By program completion, students will proficiently use Python for console, desktop, and web applications, adhering to best practices such as version control and unit testing. The course also explores Python 3's rich standard library, offering extensive support for various programming tasks.


2 Months

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Course Fee

₦200,000 NGN


Solid Computing Knowledge

Next Start Date

1st April 2024

  • PCEP:Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer
  • PCAP:Certified Associate in Python Programming
  • PCPP-32-1:Certified Professional in Python Programming 1
  • PCPP-32-2:Certified Professional in Python Programming 2

Course Outline


Introduction & Environment Setup
Basics e.g. Data Types, Variables, Operators etc.
Basics e.g. Functions, Loops, Conditional Statements, Python OOP
Building Console Apps

Python & Tkinter (GUI Framework)

Tkinter GUI Introduction
Tkinter Basics e.g. Syntax, Widgets, Attributes etc.
Building GUI App with Tkinter & Python
Installation & Usage on Operating Systems

Python & Django (Web App Framework)

Django Introduction
Django Basics
Web Development with Django
Django Web Project
Publishing the Web Application to a Live Server