Unlock Your Potential: Become a Computer Power User!

Are you ready to take your computer skills to the next level? Join our comprehensive Computer Power User Course and transform the way you interact with technology. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, an aspiring IT professional, or someone who wants to maximize their productivity, this course is designed to equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge to become a true power user. Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock your full potential. Sign up now and start your journey to becoming a computer power user today!


2 Months

Learning Options:


Course Fee

₦60,000 NGN


Computing knowledge

Next Start Date

1st July 2024


Certified Power User

Course Outline

Computer Basics

Unlock the full potential of your computer with our Computer Basics Course! Perfect for beginners or those looking to refresh their skills, this course covers the essentials of computer operation, internet navigation, email management, basic troubleshooting, and an introduction to popular software like word processors and spreadsheets. With easy-to-follow lessons, hands-on exercises, and a supportive learning environment, you'll gain the confidence to use your computer effectively and efficiently. Sign up today and start your journey to becoming tech-savvy!

Microsoft Word

The Ultimate Word Processing Tool

Create polished documents with ease using Microsoft Word. From simple letters to complex reports, Word provides all the features you need to format text, add images, create tables, and collaborate with others in real-time.

Microsoft Excel

Powerful Data Analysis and Visualization

Transform data into insights with Microsoft Excel. With its advanced functions, charts, and pivot tables, Excel allows you to perform complex calculations, analyze trends, and visualize data in meaningful ways.

Microsoft Access

Database Management Made Easy

Create and manage databases effortlessly with Microsoft Access. Store and retrieve data quickly, generate reports, and build custom applications tailored to your business needs.

Microsoft powerpoint

Create Engaging Presentations

Captivate your audience with stunning presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Design professional slideshows with custom layouts, animations, and multimedia elements to effectively communicate your ideas.