Network Deployment

Network architecture is the first step on the road to a better performing and more secure IT environment. But for many enterprises, the real challenge is the deployment of the infrastructure and solutions described in the organization’s networking strategy. The successful integration of multi-vendor network elements hinges on the knowledge and expertise of a proven network integrator that understands the technology as well as the business outcomes you hope to achieve.

At AfriHUB, we deliver a sophisticated network deployment and integration packaging which leverages on the knowledge base of our renowned IT engineers. Our process is as follows:

  • Procurement– AfriHUB maintains close relationships with a wide range of technology vendors and procurement specialists, giving us the ability to secure network components in a timely and affordable manner.
  • Staging – Our experience across a range of technologies and industries enables us to prepare and stage network solutions for minimal disruption to your staff and operations.
  • Hardware Installation– AfriHUB engineers install all hardware components in compliance with industry standards as well as your organization’s unique technology requirements.
  • Integration – We excel at helping enterprises integrate advanced network components with legacy network infrastructure, ensuring the seamless functionality of your network and extending the value of your existing investments.
  • Testing– Your satisfaction is our first priority. AfriHUB performs strict testing and monitoring to further optimize your network for performance and reliability.

As a dedicated IT partner, AfriHUB also offers ongoing network support, maintenance and other services designed to keep your network performing at the highest possible level.