Smart Proctoring

Smart Proctoring

Intelligent cheating prevention

Invigilate for any suspicious activity in online exam with AI based cheating prevention and assertive actions upon intolerable behaviour. Live streaming of test takers with live chat. Automatic capture of candidate’s photos during examination at specified intervals.

Web Design

Exam monitor

Live coverage of your exams

Live coverage of the examinations showing details such as candidates taking, completed and dropped tests with their number of attempts, device name, browser, operating system, IP address and location details.

Internet of Things

Plenty of test takers

Smooth concurrent exams

An enormous number of candidates are catered smoothly providing concurrent exams, a delight to both test takers and the managers. Our online exam system built for a large number of simultaneous test sessions.

Internet of Things

An Assessment Software with Advanced Question Types.

AfriHUB Remote Test offers you 10 different types of questions namely (1) Multiple Choice (2) Multiple Correct (3) Fill in the blank (4) Matching Type (5) Drag and Match (6) Yes / No (7) True / False (8) Essay Type (9) Scenario based questions (10) Video/Audio questions.