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AfriHUB | AfriHUB @ UniCAL

  AfriHUB @ UniCAL


University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria.
Park Manager: Jude Mete
Phone: +234 (0) 803 5412972


Computer Capacity : 460
One Cyber Center : (250 Computers)
One Digital Library : (50 Computers)
Five Classrooms : (24 computers)
One Technical Support / Pc Repair Center
Five Examination Center (VUE) (2 workstations)
One Server Room : NOC
Four Offices (3 work stations each)
One Business center (3 worksattions, Copy machine, printer e.t.c)
One Large Central Reception Area (1 work station each)
One cyber shop / confrence room


Building Structure: Deployed: Old -------- 750 s/m
New------- 1,800 s/m
Network Deployed: ------ ----------------------1024/512 kbps
Computer capacity: ----------------------------460
Wi-Fi: -----------------------------------------------Planned
Digital Library: -----------------------------------Yes

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  +234 (811) 555 6666

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