John has a PhD from the University of Calabar, with research specialization in the management of social and emergency situations. He has been a lecturer with a number of public higher education institutions in Nigeria, as well as a lecturer with UNICAF. He has been a banker, management expert and public servant, with publications in domestic and international journals. Previous consulting and work experience include UNICEF, Citibank and Nigeria Emergency Management Agency. Other previous education includes MBA in Management and M.Ed. Educational Planning, and he lectures Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance and Management Accounting.


With a PhD in Industrial Psychology from the University of Ibadan (2004), he has lectured at Nnamdi Azikwe University, Nile University of Nigeria, Abia State University and Ambrose Alli University. Has consulting experience with various organizations, and also has a number of academic publications. Researches and lectures in Consumer Behaviour and Business Communication.


She is a certified accountant, certified banker and senior accounting consultant, with a BSc from Oxford Brookes University, UK and MBA from Enugu state University. She lectures Management Accounting.


A former sales executive with XEROX HS with an MSc in Operations and Supply Chain from, Springfield University (USA), he has a number of business related publications to his name. He also lectures at Veritas University Abuja, and is currently studying for a PhD in Business Administration. He lectures in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Solomon JATULA

ICT professional and consultant with work experience in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Lecturer in Web Strategies, Corporate Information Strategy and MIS. Has an MSc in Mobile and High-Speed Telecoms Networks from Oxford Brookes University, UK.


Investment analyst and consultant, with publications in various journals. Has a PhD in Economics from the University of Northumbria, UK (2012). He has lectured at University of Northumbria, Nasarawa State University and Baze University, Abuja where he is also senior faculty, in Investment Management and Financial Markets

Samuel UBARU

Has an MSc in Information Security from the University of Salford, UK. Lecturing experience at Bingham University and Baze University and also working experience with NITDA Nigeria Sponsored projects, Transport for London (TFL), UK and Department for Work and Pensions UK. Lectures Cyber Security and Web Strategies, and is currently a PhD student in IT Security.


Has work and associate experience from University of Abuja where he obtained a MA History degree in 2011 and also lectures. Also has worked with Fredrick-Ebert-Stiffung, USAID and on WHO (HIV/AIDS) programs. With publications in journals on issues around policy, he is currently studying for a PhD in Diplomacy, with research interest in areas of economic diplomacy.

Arthur OBI

Chartered Financial Analyst, with a BSc in Economics and Statistics from the University of Nigeria. He is also a consultant Investment analyst, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM) and lectures financial courses such as Investment Management and Financial Markets & Institutions.

Dr Dickson OKOLO

Chartered economist and former senior public official with various academic publications, he has been a consultant to JICA and other multilateral organizations. Has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, and lectures Project Management, Research Methodology and International Economics. He also formerly lectured at Nasarawa State University.

Emeka UWANAKA (Training Manager)

Heads the academic and training department at the Global Distance Learning Institute, Abuja, which includes the management of partnerships with partner domestic and international universities, as well as other institutions. With doctoral research specialization in international trade relations, he attended the University of Nigeria, University of Abuja and University of Aberdeen, where he obtained a Masters in Management Economics & International Relations from the Graduate Business School. Has been a lecturing assistant with the University of Aberdeen and also Project Supervisor at the National Open University of Nigeria. He lectures Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Organisational Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Dr Emmanuel ORAKWUE

Has a PhD from London Southbank University in 2004. He has lectured at University of Hertfordshire UK, and as also worked at the National Planning Commission, Nigeria. He obtained his undergraduate and master degrees from Belgium and the University of Strathclyde UK. He lectures Marketing, Organisational Culture and International Economics.

Adewunmi MUSA

Is currently studying for a PhD in Energy Economics at the University of Abuja. He has consulted for the Lagos State government and also has public sector work experience. He lectures International Economics and Corporate Finance.


A lawyer with experience in policy, litigation, education management and knowledge management, she has research experience with the UK Department For International Development (DFID) policy funded programmes in Nigeria. Called to the Nigerian Bar in 2008, she has an LLM in Intellectual Property and Technology from the University of Liverpool. In 2018, she completed a CopyrightX course at the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society, Harvard University, USA. She lectures Business and Corporate Law.


Andrew is a doctoral candidate in IT Security, and a member of the British Computer Society. He has working experience in the media and multilateral organisation. He has an MSc in Computer Forensics from the University of South Wales, United Kingdom.


Called to the Nigerian Bar in 1999, he has a PhD in Public Law from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and an LLM from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He has been visiting lecturer, Oberlin College, Ohio USA, Visiting Lecturer, University of Pretoria and Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Cape Town, Language Partner, Yale Centre for Language Study, Yale University, New Haven, USA. His other academic experiences include Program Manager, Council on African Studies, Yale University and Research Assistant, Yale Law School, New Haven USA. He is active in civil society, is widely published in academic journals and lectures Business and Corporate Law.