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Joint Academic Virtual Administration Network (JavaNET) is a web-based Learning Management Suite (LMS) designed to cater to different educational, administrative and assessment requirements by the school management, lecturers and students of Colleges and Universities.

The JavaNET suite has the following integrated components and major features:

e-Learning & Course Content Management System: With JavaNET, lecturers and other instructors can develop course plans, post course content online - course curriculum, Power Point slides, class notes, course assignments and more. Students may download and read these materials before or after lecturers. They also have the capability of uploading (submitting) their course assignments to JavaNET and lecturers can grade their assignment solutions.

e-Grading, Transcript Processing & Reporting System: As Students' Continuous Assessment (C.A) scores is entered by lecturers, JavaNET computes their grades for that courses. Only one mouse-click is required for the computation of the overall Students Semester GPA and CGPA.

e-Research and e-Publication System: JavaNET implements a campus-wide Research and Publications Database. Course lecturers can upload their research publications to a fully-searchable and categorized Publications Information System that will serve as a Research archive for the entire University.

e-Payment System: Along with other great features, JavaNET comes with an e-Payment platform allowing Students to pay for all scheduled fees using our secured and robust system.

Online Course Registration: Students can register for courses online using JavaNET. The Registration process is made seamless and simplified, with course authentication features allowing students to register only for appropriate courses of their level and department.

e-Alert SMS and Instant Messaging (IM) System: JavaNET is designed to leverage on ground-breaking communication technologies as it integrates Instant Messaging (Chat) and SMS Alert Service to be used by University Administrators and Course Lecturers. Lecturers communicate with Registered students of their course by sending SMS messages to their mobile phones through JavaNET.

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